``Craftsman'' Leather jacket maintenance taught by a reflex leather craftsman - 01

~ Dirt removal edition ~

Maintenance taught by leather cleaning craftsmen 01

Motorcycles are so inseparable that some people say that the reason they started riding motorcycles was because they admired them.

That is the type of leather jacket. I want to live with this guy, who can be called the formal attire of a rider.

In order to learn the technique, I knocked on the gate of Refrather.

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When it comes to caring for your leather jacket, "too much is too little"!

``I love my leather jacket so much that it wouldn't hurt to put it in my eyes. I often say that I should let cute girls travel, but don't I put too much effort into them?''

Are you actually putting too much effort into it? I would like to dare to ask.

What made me think this way was a visit to the Ref Leather factory.

To be clear, Kadoya does not care about leather.

However, as much as we love leather, we may be applying more oil than necessary and storing it in the back of the closet.

Interior view of leather cleaning factory
"It's enough to oil your leather jacket once a season. Depending on how often you wear it, oiling it every weekend is definitely overkill."
-The person who answered this was Mr. Takaguchi, the craftsman of Ref Leather.-

What left an impression on me at the site was the fact that they handled the leather carefully without overdoing it.

He often emphasizes, ``When applying anything, be it oil or waterproof spray, always test it in your pocket.''

Since you don't know what's going on, try it somewhere inconspicuous. I felt that this ultimately led to protecting the leather from unexpected accidents.

Ref Leather craftsmen always apply a thin layer of oil to the back of their hands before applying oil.

Points to note before applying leather oil

This prevents over-application of oil. Don't be impatient when admiring your favorite leather jacket, your precious leather jacket, or your favorite leather jacket.

We pay close attention to the details, and take time and effort. By doing so, it will become a piece of clothing that will last a lifetime.

"Yes, as long as my body shape doesn't change."

Now, on to leather jacket maintenance!!!

Brushing before applying leather oil

First, start by roughly brushing away the dust using a maintenance brush such as horse hair.

Not only dirt and dust, but also dirt caused by exhaust gas, which accumulates more than you might think.

Preparation for applying leather oil with a dry cloth

Don't have a brush? but it's okay! In that case, you can use a dry, soft cloth instead!

The jacket is padded and shirred with careful attention to detail. If the dirt is severe, it is best to deal with it with a tightly wrung wet towel.

Apply leather oil to an inconspicuous area first.

Now for the oil! I'd like to say that, but I resist the urge and first apply the oil to an inconspicuous area, such as the inside of my pocket.

Make sure there are no abnormalities such as discoloration before applying to the body.

How to apply leather oil

As mentioned earlier, apply a thin layer of oil to the jacket by bouncing the oiled sponge on the back of your hand.

If you apply it little by little without going through the hassle, it won't get uneven.

Riders jacket cuff zipper part

Here is the most glorious point of forgetting to apply oil (according to Kadoya research). The gusset part of the cuffs is easy to overlook, so be careful.

When worn with short sleeves, it is also a place where sweat and other dirt can easily get on the skin.

Maintenance of the back of the collar of a leather jacket

When it comes to sweat, don't forget about the back of your neck and the area around your neck. If you wear a shirt with frills, your skin won't come into contact with the collar, but if you use a T-shirt, sweat and sebum can collect on it and cause the leather to crack. Let's wipe this area thoroughly.

Maintenance of leather jacket lining

For the lining, dampen a cloth with a neutral detergent diluted with water, wring it out thoroughly, and wipe it.

There are days when you feel like spraying Febreze or other deodorizing spray on your clothes, but be careful as there have been cases where it has penetrated into the outer fabric and caused stains.

Maintenance of fasteners that do not move smoothly

If the zipper doesn't move properly, you can use silicone spray. However, do not spray directly onto the zipper.

Spray it on a rag and then apply it to the teeth of the zipper, being careful not to get it on the leather.

Mr. Takaguchi said. ``If you do everything you did today, you won't have any trouble with your leather jacket unless it's really bad.''

Have there ever been such reliable phrases? Although he has a laissez-faire approach, he keeps an eye on important points. I want to be that kind of man. I thought so.

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