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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

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kadoya official online

This is the 12th serialization. In other words, I can't help but feel that more and more people are wondering, "Isn't there a lack of introductions to leather products in the Kadoya Leather Practice Report?"

So, this time, I would like to introduce the leather wear!! Introducing the "LEATHER SHIRT STD" !!

kadoya official online

Mr. Kadoya, who made a name for motorcycle riders all over the country with a leather jumper. Currently, there are a lot of lineups ranging from nylon to small items, but leather items still have a strong presence!

Among them, Nandi-san also really liked LEATHER SHIRT STD. This shirt is made of leather, so it's a perfect item for the spring and autumn seasons.

kadoya official online

The leather used is very supple and soft, and comfortable to wear! For the shirt category, the front has dot buttons, and the buttons are inconspicuous.

It would be a consideration to avoid becoming a jacket if it is made into a zipper.

kadoya official online

There is only one pocket on the left chest. It makes me aware that these parts are just a shirt. Since the size is modest, more weight is placed on the stylish icon rather than the practicality of actually putting things in it.

kadoya official online

Gadgets are also designed on the sides like a shirt. This is a device to reinforce the seams so that they do not tear.In the past, when sewing technology was immature, shirts were often torn from this part, so now it looks like a classic image. Give me

It is a great point when you want to make your shirt look casual with your pants out.

kadoya official online

If you read up to this point and thought , "Isn't the leather frayed?" Sharp! When Nandi first got this LEATHER SHIRT STD, he had doubts about the leather, saying, "It's wrinkled . " It expresses wrinkles!

It's hard to tell if you don't tell me, but this guy is elaborate.

kadoya official online

When the front is opened, the KADOYA stamp is slightly visible on the right hem. Even with these casual parts, you can feel that it is a leather shirt made by Kadoya, and you can immerse yourself in a sense of superiority.

kadoya official online

Goatskin is used for the material, and polyester stretch tel twill is used for the lining.

If you are concerned about stains caused by exhaust gas or spilled food, please ask Kadoya's specialized leather cleaning service "Refleather" .

kadoya official online

This is the best outfit when you want to enjoy your bike life without having to strain your shoulders and elbows. Even if you walk around the city as it is, there is no sense of incongruity at all! If you put the LEATHER SHIRT STD in your closet, it's obvious that it will be useful in various situations!

If you change your mood from the usual rider suit with protectors and put on LEATHER SHIRT STD, you can transform into an adult chic.

This is the "one piece of adult bastard"!!

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