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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

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"Corsa Denim Suit"

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This is the 6th installment of Kadoya's long-established leather wear series.

Some of you may be thinking, "Isn't it about time for a leather jacket?", but since it's the autumn season, the lingering summer heat is still lingering, so this time , we're going to wear a denim coverall "CORSA DENIM SUIT" for a test!

This is a gem that goes well with styles such as old cars and neo cafe racers, and it's a gem that won't get cold!

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Normally, when you think of cloth jumpsuits, you probably think of an image of work clothes like this. Nandi also wears a cloth coverall when working on a motorcycle, and works smartly.

However, CORSA DENIM SUIT should not be used for work covered in oil!

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The other day, there was a vintage off-road driving event, so I went to play. I want to wear it when I want to wear it at events or race pits .

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The good thing about cloth jumpsuits is that they can be put on and taken off immediately . If you think of leather jumpsuits for racing, it will take time to put on and take off, but on the contrary, cloth jumpsuits are easy to put on and take off.

Even in an emergency when you have a loose stomach , you can immediately "cross out!"

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An old-fashioned system that locks the chest pocket with a button. Long-sized cigarettes can be stored, but recent large-sized smartphones cannot fit.

When a man is serious about playing, he is not allowed to be bound by things like SNS or phone calls that don't matter!!

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The cuffs and waist are lined with leather, giving it a Kadoya-like feel.

It also comes with a belt loop, so it's convenient for those who want to hang equipment around their waist, and you can use a wallet chain in exactly the same way as jeans or leather pants.

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The front pocket on the pants side is made deeper. If you absolutely must receive calls from your customers or superiors, you can put your smartphone here.

It's made of durable denim, but it's wonderful that the material itself stretches so it's not as stiff as it looks.

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You can roll up the hem and wear it, but Nandi cut it about 10 cm and customized it.

For those who want to cut it, it is a good idea to consider not only the boots you are using, but also the riding posture of the motorcycle when deciding on the length.

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The hip pockets have zippers on both the left and right sides, so you won't drop anything even when sitting on the motorcycle seat.

You can concentrate on riding because you won't cry like a man because you dropped your bike keys or coin purse after riding.

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Even if you get covered in mud while riding off-road, you don't have to worry about sand getting in from your waist.

And even if it gets dirty, you can enjoy creating your own CORSA DENIM SUIT by washing it thoroughly!

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Since it is made of denim material, you can enjoy original customization by attaching a patch!

By the way, a worn-out patch feels better than a brand-new patch. This is a fashionable advanced technique that I'm thinking of posting on "The Ito Family's Dining Table" next time.

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If you're a Kadoya freak, you probably own a few Kadoya T-shirts. Some T-shirts have a small crown patch on the sleeve.

Even if those Kadoya T-shirts get old, cut them out and keep them.

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The small crown patch is ironed on rather than sewn on so it can be easily removed from the fabric.

Let's sew this on the cuff of the CORSA DENIM SUIT.

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It may be a little difficult to sew a small emblem, but denim itself is a material that is easy to thread a needle through, so you can complete the construction in less than 10 minutes.

If you are unsure, Kadoya may be able to provide a sewing service for a fee.

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Since I was 16 years old, I've been doing sewing work to repair G vests, so I'm good at sewing.

However, 30 years ago, I would never have imagined that I would still be sewing my own patches at this age! I want a girlfriend who is good at sewing.

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Kadoya Mini Crown on the cuffs, and a Moto Shop Goro emblem on the chest, which I have been indebted to since I started riding a motorcycle.

While respecting the feelings for the bike that did not change at that time.

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This denim coverall can be worn casually from everyday life to touring. By wearing it for several years, if it comes with threads and cassoulet, it should be a tasteful piece!

Why don't you make your own CORSA DENIM SUIT and give it a try?

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