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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report


Kadoyaware this time is very different. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary casual jacket, but it actually comes standard with removable shoulder, elbow, and spine pads.

If it is a normal jacket, various pads are often sold separately, but you will be very happy that the pads are standard equipment!

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It features a tight silhouette.

In this photo, the pads are not yet attached, but if the pads were attached to this slim jacket, it would become rugged. It will be punch line.

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First, try wearing jacket standard pads for shoulders, elbows, and spine. Simply turn the inside of the jacket and insert it into the pocket that appears.

In addition, the shoulder and elbow pads are quite soft and are CE LEVEL 1 lightweight soft type.

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The shoulders and elbows are padded, but they don't stick out too much from the outside.

Even when I tried to bend and stretch it, there was no discomfort at all. This way you can have both safety and fashion.

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Next, let's set up an optional chest guard.

The chest guard is not the type that is generally fixed with Velcro, but is the type that can be put in a bag like the shoulders and elbows. Easy to put on and take off.

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When the front is fully opened, the chest guard must be removed, but during normal driving with the zipper up, it felt so natural that I forgot I was wearing it.

I think this is because the entire chest is made of shrinkable material that fits the body, and the feeling of wearing the chest has disappeared.

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I also tried to put on a chest, so it is fully equipped with pads, but even when viewed from the side, the body line is very normal.

If this is the case, even people who want to refrain from bulky padded jackets can use it!

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I asked Mr. P of G Craft Shino, who himself participates in off-road racing, to check the pad by touching it.

Safety doesn't compare to just a hoodie. The silhouette looks normal, but it's actually padded and safe!

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At first, this only looked like a ``moe-sode'', so I thought, ``She was dressed like this at the Onyanko Club, wasn't she?'' He said, "It's called a thumbhole and keeps your wrist from getting cold."

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If you put your thumb in the thumb hole, there will be no gap between the glove and the draft can be shut down. I see, this can keep warmth in winter. It can also be used as a warm and safe inner layer in winter!

There aren't many clothes that can be worn all year round, and this is a riding jacket that is one step above!!

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