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Nadi Kosuge's Kadoya Leather Practice Report

kadoya official online


kadoya official online

Wearing a leather jumper is one of the basics of motorcycle riding. Not only is it cold and windproof, but it also minimizes damage in the event of a fall.

From the days when rockets were flying to the moon to the present day, racing riders from all over the world wear leather jumpsuits to fight.

This is because leather protects the body by sliding on the road surface in the event of a fall.

kadoya official online

If you've worn it even once, it's obvious that perforated mesh leather is perfect for summer.

Nandi has been using Kadoya's perforated leather jacket "PLJ-PTD" for the last five years .

Speaking of helmets, there is a clear difference as to whether or not they have a ventilation mechanism!

It's not smart to be sweaty when you get off the bike!

kadoya official online

So this time, I put on Kadoya's mesh leather jacket "PL SUNTAILOR" and tried using it!

There are some mesh leather jackets made by Kadoya, but one of the features of this “PL SUNTAILOR” is its simple construction.

There is no padding on the outside, so even though it is made of leather, it is light and looks very neat .

kadoya official online

KADOYA embossed logo and decorative leather patch on the chest only on the left shoulder.

And the chest pocket, which can be said to be a standard single leather item, is not attached.

However, you want protection as a rider jacket.

But don't worry. Because there is a pocket on the inner side for various pads!

kadoya official online

Shoulder, elbow, and spine pads are sold separately, but wearing them will definitely give you a different sense of security.

Moreover, various pads have been evolving year by year, and the same is true for the pocket side of the jacket.

kadoya official online

When it comes to padding pockets, many people think that they should be inserted from the top to the bottom.

So did Nandi. But in the latest models like the PL SUNTAILO, the pads are inserted from the bottom up .

(Spine pad pictured).

kadoya official online

Put the shoulder pads in the same way from the bottom to the top. Even the parts that are completely invisible from the front are packed with safety and comfort when worn!

It's no exaggeration to say that Kadoya is an amazing mechanism ! Even an old rider can fight for another 10 years with this.

kadoya official online

And here is the dot and Velcro tape for attaching the standard chest pad. A chest protector can also be attached, and there is no doubt that the degree of security will be doubled!

kadoya official online

Nandi usually wears a size M jacket, but if it is fully equipped with pads, the size L would be appropriate. Of course, a chest protector is also installed.

What is the most important thing on your bike? It's wind and freedom and a chest protector!!!!

kadoya official online

This may vary from person to person, but if you put the elbow and shoulder pads on the M size, the arms may become loose (the same goes for the chest area with the chest in place),

Nandi, who usually wears an M, found that if she chooses the L, it will fit perfectly and the sleeve length will be just right.

If possible, I would like you to try on a size that you don't usually wear at each Kadoya store and actually consider the size.

kadoya official online

Mesh leather is natural in the summer, but in fact, it can be used as an inner layer in spring and autumn as well.

As an expert technique for mesh jackets, it is safe to prepare a light and thin nylon inner layer to prevent sudden coldness on the go.

Now you can be the London Leather Boys all year long!!

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