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A leather jacket that looks gorgeous at night

Embodying a not-too-loose street style that brings out the original charm of leather

Photographer: Haruki Matsui
Stylist: Hiroki Matsui
Model: Mouhamadou War
Edit: Atsutaro Ito

Focus on coordination variations that bring out a different look from daytime

In the previous article, we introduced that MAVERICK can be worn in a variety of styles due to its sophisticated size, but this time we would like to focus on the fact that it can also be worn in a night scene. The goodness of leather's original design is demonstrated in the darkened city.

Anyone who knows that is definitely a player. When you hear that, you may have a slightly negative image of the modern trend, but even if you say play, it's not all about going off the beaten track in the downtown area.

Take a walk in front of the station, which you have only visited during the day, or take pictures while listening to music with your favorite headphones.

kadoya official online

In such a case, when you wear leather items, you can notice the unique texture of leather products by being illuminated by streetlights and car headlights. It's not a bad idea to dress casually and emphasize a sophisticated silhouette. On the other hand, coordination that emphasizes innerwear, pants, and shoes also embodies street style.

kadoya official online

Another noteworthy detail of MAVERICK is the fact that the boa on the collar is detachable. By removing the boa, the impression of being too heavy can be suppressed, and when viewed from the side, it is possible to emphasize the masculine and wild feeling. In addition, by standing up the collar, it becomes a different expression than usual, and it is a convenient item that can be mixed and matched to sublimate new coordination.

kadoya official online

A LEATHER HIGH SNEAKER made up of all black is picked up at the feet. This item has a classic charm that increases in texture as it ages, and a chic street style unique to long lengths. How about wearing it freely according to your mood that day?

kadoya official online

Even though it is a scene of night play, there are various ways to spend it. Of course, touring on a motorcycle is exhilarating, and you can also enjoy short trips by skateboarding or taking a walk. And after a little more time, I'll probably be able to spend the occasional night out with my friends.

For those days, get the best one from this season and enjoy coordinating it with various styles. And if you're not sure what to buy, first try MAVERICK and experience the highest quality leather jackets that KADOYA is proud of.

kadoya official online

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