Choosing to wear leather in summer STAFF MAGAZINE-Vol.17

Perforated leather jackets are becoming established as summer riding gear because they have excellent breathability despite their sturdy appearance.

In the 2022 Spring & Summer season, three new models will be released in the perforated leather series, and in this article we will introduce the new perforated leather jacket.

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-A more complete standard single “PL-RAFF”


This product was released as a successor model to the PL STANDARD-LS, which was popular for its light and standard design.

In search of a more rider-like look, a stand collar is used instead of a piping collar. Although it has the appearance of a simple single rider, we paid attention to details such as slash pockets on the sleeves and YKK dot buttons engraved with KADOYA, which we started using this season.

Engraved snap buttons used on rider jackets

By improving the pattern, we have achieved higher maneuverability, and it supports full protection, so it is not only suitable for summer riding, but the standard single rider design is also useful as street wear from spring to autumn when it gets a little sweaty.

A man wearing punched leather pushing a motorcycle

``I want to enjoy riding safely and comfortably with a punched leather jacket, but I also want to wear it in different ways even when I'm not riding a bike.'' This PL-RAFF is recommended for those who want to fulfill their selfish desires.

-Stylish semi-double "SW-BANSHEE"


It is no exaggeration to say that this product has been the most popular of the punching leather series since its release in the past few years, and is a derivative model of the PL-SW.

The design is slightly slimmer than the base model, and the wide padding on the sleeves creates a stylish and modern look.


The design includes large-diameter (2mm) punched holes on the body that are highly breathable, while the diameter of the punched holes is reduced in areas that are easily damaged in the event of a fall, such as the padded areas on the shoulders and elbows and around the back hem. In addition to functionality, it is also made with consideration to safety when riding.


Conventional semi-double type jackets were designed so that a chest protector could not be attached to them, but with this product, our designers and patterners went through trial and error to create a specification that allows a chest protector to be attached.

This new design makes it possible to wear semi-double types without sacrificing safety.

A man wearing punched leather pushing a motorcycle with one hand

SW-BANSHEE is recommended for those who want to enjoy riding safely, comfortably and stylishly, and for those who are excited by this design.

-A punching version of the popular model with high mobility and a fashionable atmosphere ``ATLAS-PL''


Introducing the perforated leather version of the popular model ATLAS, which features a gently rounded front zipper and large shirring on the back.

While the design follows the base model, improvements have been made to the details such as the amount of clearance and the protector attachment mechanism, making it suitable for hard riding in hot seasons.


The shirring on the back, which combines high momentum, creates a silhouette with narrow shoulders while maintaining the same size, giving a smart impression.

The protector can be attached to the chest, spine, shoulders, and elbows, and is designed with safety in mind.

A man wearing a punched leather motorcycle rider jacket

ATLAS-PL is recommended for those who like a sophisticated and fashionable atmosphere with an eye-catching design.

For those who think that ``leather = hot'', wearing punched leather through your sleeves will completely overturn that concept.

The punched leather of KADOYA products is not only breathable, but also the size and pitch of the punched holes to prevent it from easily tearing in the event of a fall.

Enjoy riding in the hot summer with perforated leather that is safe, comfortable, and cool.

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