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Sophisticated NEW type bomber jacket

A classic street style item reborn with full-fledged functionality and a sophisticated silhouette.

Photographer: Haruki Matsui
Stylist: Hiroki Matsui
Model: Mouhamadou War
Edit: Atsutaro Ito

Incorporating the bomber jacket that everyone has longed for into the coordination with a modern sense

Bomber jackets such as the MA-1, which can be said to be a staple of street style these days, are outerwear originally developed for fighter pilots. And due to its high functionality, it quickly became popular among motorcycle riders and workers in harsh environments, and from there it became a fashion item.

In addition, in the movie "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise, it was impressive that the main character, Pete Mitchell, wore it, and the scene where he appeared on a motorcycle with the heroine on board was numbing. There must be people.

kadoya official online

The MAVERICK introduced this time is an update of such a bomber jacket from a modern perspective. By the way, the call name of Pete Mitchell played by Tom Cruise is "Maverick", and the sequel is scheduled to be released next spring!

kadoya official online

The biggest feature of this item is that it has been reborn with a lightweight and casual finish while enhancing cold protection. Conventional bomber jackets tend to have a large silhouette due to their functionality, making it difficult to incorporate them into your everyday style.

However, MAVERICK has a sophisticated size that is not overstated, and can be worn not only casually but also with a suit without any discomfort.

kadoya official online

A closer look at the details reveals that the ribs around the cuffs and waist are made of polyester fabric with a windproof film applied with shirring processing, and the waist pocket can be opened and closed with a zipper. There is also a pocket on the left sleeve that emphasizes the military color, and it is possible to attach shoulder, elbow and spine pads that are indispensable for motorcycle riding.

kadoya official online

I want to incorporate the standard items of the street into my own style and fully demonstrate the high functionality. Of course, you should be concerned about whether the design is good or bad, but it should also be important to first consider what role the item will play.

And by combining the old-fashioned gunlet-type gloves with MAVERICK, it will create a cool mood even in flashy outfits with fluorescent colors. Like a "Maverick" straddling a motorcycle.

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