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TYH MAGAZINE - Research Log .01 “Hearts”

Let's try to destroy the preconceived notions within ourselves once by "interacting with the outside".

This opens up new horizons.

Companies carry out social activities based on preconceived notions and conventions that have been created up to now.

I think that is often the case in "manufacturing, service provision, and other industries. "

We always move while protecting the framework of our way of doing things and ways of thinking.

It's not meant to be negative.

What is necessary for an appropriate and steady output for the existing market, quickly sensing what is required .

But is that enough?

We do not live in the past. It's the future to come.

I want to create new concepts and values ​​for the unknown world.

I want to change the world of motorcycles into something more fun.

My instinct as a creator, which comes from my past experiences, was that I wanted to put a scalpel in it.

GK Dynamics x Kadoya

The bike scene is changing day by day and unexpectedly.

As if reflecting Japan's demographic trends , the aging of the population has progressed, and the domestic motorcycle market was once showing signs of decline.

However, the market, including the used car market, has expanded due to demand from the corona crisis.

Young people and women, who have not taken motorcycles into their lifestyles and hobbies , have begun to expand this market.

And the future is carbon neutral.

Autonomous driving is fine as a simple means of transportation , but the value of a motorcycle is to make life more enjoyable.

When you like, where you like.

Run while feeling the wind.

joy of being alive.

A sense of fulfillment in obtaining free wings.

Meeting people through things.

Life becomes richer.

Such a subjective and tasteful world of hobbies.

Now is your chance!

Now that a new rider is born and a new scene is sprouting.

It's time for us, the creators, to change!

We want to shift Japanese motorcycle culture to the next phase .

This desire and conflict toward creation was trying to move me.

kadoya official online

kadoya official online

Looking back, a few years ago, it happened in early summer.

At a certain motorcycle event, I met “people who share this feeling”.

“Would you like to speak frankly first?”

Before Corona, a discussion meeting while drinking alcohol.

Like-minded people (comrades), flowers bloom.

Let's do something! ! !

This urge was inevitable. And secretly started research activities.

kadoya official online

Product Designer and Apparel Designer

We believe that if we have different perspectives, we can see the future of new bikes.

I was fumbling in the truest sense of what to do. (In fact, it still continues today.)

But hopes are growing over time that this quirky endeavor might lead to something.

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This relationship did not start from outsourcing

That's why, in a sense, " purely exchanging dreams and searching for ideals"

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kadoya official online

People who design bikes and clothing for each other and roll their bikes in Tokyo every day.

And those who know the industry so far and can communicate the future.

Exploring new possibilities while colliding with each other.

A very unique and epoch-making groove feeling was born.

kadoya official onlinekadoya official online

・GK: The opportunity for us, apparel amateurs, to design and seriously play with professionals in the field is the most interesting. Even if they don't make it into a product.

Oh we wanted jackets and protectors like this!

・KADOYA: I really want to know what bike design professionals are thinking! Ah, but if you try to make this, it will be quite difficult. But I can feel something ! ! !

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groping in the dark

Ideas visualized.

I've never seen it before ! Cool! Interesting!

If you give shape to it, you should be able to see it more concretely .

Is it the next generation scene ? Is it a product ? Or both ? ?

I felt the possibility of continuing into the future .

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At the same time, the reason why it hasn't existed before is that "theory doesn't apply, it's an inconvenient form for production " .

However, there is no new step if you turn your eyes away from the inconvenience. This research is a “club activity” for that purpose.

"Turning Concept Art into Shape"

Let's give shape to the idea that one of the members was warming up. That was the first step in realizing it.

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Breaking away from apparel that only thinks about riding a motorcycle with clothing dedicated to motorcycles. Symbiosis with casual clothes.

Just like customizing your motorcycle, you can put the necessary functions on when you ride [ON] and take them off when you get off [OFF ] .

Explore new ways of bike life .

kadoya official online

I want to tell people that motorcycles are close to them.

"This is for motorcycles, this is street wear" I would like to think about eliminating the boundaries rather than such a definition.

What is the seamless state of everyday life and motorcycle life?

We all had the same feeling hidden in our hearts, our desire to be like this.

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kadoya official online

kadoya official online

Repeated discussions with the members and the prototype site, and the design of the draft that changes accordingly

A creative activity that “explores while making” what the product should be, which is completely different from normal product production.

It doesn't go smoothly. There are many inconveniences and inefficiencies.

However, on the other hand, there are new discoveries along the way, like opening up unexplored lands.

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Maybe we're still complacent...

Seriously, discuss each other's thoughts head-on.

I believe that the accumulation of these activities will lead to the creation of new scenes.

What do you think? Did you find this kind of extracurricular activity interesting?

We, the parties concerned, still do not know how it will fall in the future or where it will go. In that sense, it is a research activity that “explores the future”.

However, I would like to continue with this topic. And I want to expand my circle of friends.

kadoya official online

One wish.

“A bright future for all riders.”

This stance is the origin of this activity.

From the next time onwards, I would like to touch on and introduce the progress of my activities and the products I am developing in an irregular series.

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