No matter how safe you drive, motorcycles are always in danger. And a protector to protect yourself in case of emergency.

KADOYA currently handles multiple types of protectors. This time, we will introduce the protectors by type.

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Internal protector (pad) shoulder/elbow

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KADOYA is currently developing many jackets equipped with pockets for attaching protectors (pads).

(*Except for HEAD FACTORY and ALTER KEIS brand products. Please check each product page for the availability of pads.)

First of all, we will introduce protectors corresponding to them by type.


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CE standard: Level 1 / Weight: 76g (for elbow)

A soft protector that clears the CE Level 1 standards, demonstrating high impact absorption while being lightweight and thin. It has excellent breathability and is suitable for riding in the spring and summer seasons. Available in two types, a shoulder type and an elbow type for both men and women, and can be attached to almost all of our lineup of jackets equipped with pad bags without processing.



◆ HILON type

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CE standard: Level1/Weight: 104g (for men's elbow)

A thin soft protector that uses HILON , a shock-absorbing material originally developed by YF PROTECTER. The high flexibility does not interfere with the movement during riding and does not destroy the silhouette of the clothes you wear.

・MSLE/CE PROTECTOR (men's shoulder/ladies' elbow)

・LS/CE PROTECTOR (for women's shoulders)


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CE standard: Level 2 / Weight: 116g (for men's elbow)

The most excellent safety soft protector in our lineup of protectors that has cleared CE standard Level 2. Due to its weight and thickness, the silhouette may change significantly if you wear it on a thin and lightweight jacket such as a mesh jacket.

・CE shoulder protector




◆ TPF Series

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CE standard: Non-compliant / Weight: 28g (for elbow)

An ultra-lightweight protector that uses highly compressed urethane foam on the front side and a low-resilience material on the back side that touches the body. Highly breathable and suitable for use in warm weather.

*Because both the shoulder and elbow are larger than the pad bag of the jacket, it may be necessary for the customer to cut the size to fit in the pad bag.



Internal protector (pad) spine

The spine that is said to be easy to connect to the aftereffects of an accident. We are currently developing two types of products for BACK BORN PROTECTOR that protects the spine.


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A soft type spine protector that has cleared CE standard Level 1 standards. It has excellent flexibility and also has the property of firmly absorbing strong impacts.




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An ultra-lightweight protector that uses highly compressed urethane foam on the front side and a low-resilience material on the back side that touches the body. Highly breathable and suitable for use in warm weather.

*Not conforming to CE standards

inner protector

The inner (supporter) type protector is recommended for those who want to ride a motorcycle in their favorite jacket or pants that are not equipped with a protector pocket. Since it can be worn directly on the elbows and knees, it is an item that can expand the range of clothing for riding a motorcycle without depending on the padding pocket of the clothing.


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A supporter-type protector with built-in pads that have cleared the CE LEVEL 2 standard that can be worn in all seasons by adopting a highly elastic sweat-absorbing quick-drying fabric. By placing a tensioner for partial tightening in the center of the inner pad, it is designed to suppress sliding down.



chest protector

After the head, the chest is the most frequently injured area in fatal accidents while riding a motorcycle. We carry one type each of men's and women's chest protectors made by RS TAICHI.

◆ TRV067 TECCELL/separate chest protector

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A separate type chest protector for men that has cleared CE standard LEVEL2 with a heat resistance of 17mm and a weight of approximately 250g. The left and right split structure eliminates the hassle of putting on and taking off the jacket.

・TRV067 TECCELL/separate chest protector

◆ TRV063 TECCELL/chest protector

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A chest protector for women that has cleared CE standard Level 2, adopting a honeycomb core structure that uses polypropylene resin with a specific gravity lighter than water and is configured by special molding technology. Because it is made of a single material, the entire protector exhibits high impact absorption.

・TRV063 TECCELL/chest protector

Riding a motorcycle with protectors is of course safer in the event of a traffic accident, but wearing protectors gives you a sense of security, and riding a motorcycle with proper equipment can raise your awareness of safe driving. Is it not?

We recommend wearing a protector so that you can enjoy your bike life more safely.

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