The HEAT RAMPART series, which has long been a standard cold weather midler, has been renewed. What is the difference


Midler series of wind and cold protection jointly developed with Toray Alphart. Adopts a three-layer fabric with a moisture-permeable and waterproof film sandwiched between the knit fabric and fleece.

In addition to cold protection, heat retention, wind resistance, moisture permeability, and simple waterproofness, it is also antibacterial and deodorant, and is a lineup created to spend the harsh winter bike scene comfortably.

The HEAT RAMPART series has been renewed this season.

We will introduce the differences from conventional products and the points of commitment.

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-Aiming for higher cold protection and texture-

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Even at that time, the old HRT4 had functions such as cold protection, wind protection, heat retention, moisture permeability, and antibacterial deodorization, and it was difficult to think of adding more functions, so it was not renewed for a long time.

Without sacrificing these functionality, in this renewal,・higher heat retention and・higher texture

The plan was developed with these two points in mind.

Increased heat retention by changing the lining material

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The fleece material used in the past on the back side has been changed to a thick fleece with an increased basis weight, ensuring dead air when worn and achieving high heat retention.

Although the stretchiness is slightly sacrificed due to the increased thickness, the waterproof and breathable TPU film used for the middle layer and the pattern design have been reviewed to increase heat retention without impairing mobility.

■ Improved texture by changing materials

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And on the surface, we adopted a micro Kanoko fabric that is densely woven with woolly yarn.

It has a unique texture with a smooth dry feel and a matte texture that creates a chic and calm atmosphere.

■ Revamped logo design

Aiming for a chic and calm casual look, the conventional logo design has been renewed. The placement of the logo is also reproduced by transfer printing of the same color as the fabric, resulting in a minimal and simple design.

<Full winter innerwear lineup>

The INTHERMO series has been renewed as a cold protection lineup.

For the midler lineup of the HEAT RAMPART series, we have produced it so that even underwear + INTHERMO innerwear can ensure sufficient cold protection.

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The windproof specifications of the outer fabric and front body have also been improved.

The fabric has been changed to a material with improved wear resistance, and the cuffs and hem have been changed to a rib knit material, making it difficult to pill even when used hard on a motorcycle.

By bonding the windproof film and fleece directly to the fabric on the front part of the front body, the extra thickness is reduced and it is comfortable to wear with less stiffness.

In addition to outerwear, we continue to develop a total lineup of innerwear and midlers.

We would be pleased if we could help you to have a better bike life so that you can ride comfortably in leather and survive the cold winter safely.

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