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"Street Racing" Tradition inherited to live in the present age.

ENTHUSIASTIC RIDERS MAGAZINE "Mr. Bike BG" Impre-Collaboration Project

A world that reflects the world of motorcycles and leather jackets that run through the passage of time.

When wearing a leather jacket and riding various motorcycles

how does that running look

how does that leather jacket fit

You can tell by the fitting of the riding position

The essence of KADOYA riders jacket.

“Man Machine Leather” which is fascinated by BG photographer.


The once popular model SR-JAC has evolved over time and has been revived as a renewal model "SR-ORIGIN". While following the design, the pattern has been completely changed in line with the changing times, and the size, silhouette, mobility, etc. have been significantly revised to create a new design that is gaining popularity again.

kadoya official online

While the leather has a firm thickness, it is easy to move due to ergonomics and the adoption of a head factory pattern that suppresses the riding of the motorcycle, and it can be used in a forward leaning position without any problems.

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The characteristic padding from the shoulders to the sleeves enhances protection as a protector, and also enhances the individuality of this jacket as a design accent.

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A sponge pad is built in around the waist to give a sense of volume and a sense of design unity. At the same time, the lower back is also supported as a kidney warmer.

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A two-layer urethane foam spine pad (standard equipment) can be attached to the back. The sleeves naturally roll out, and the silhouette that wraps around the torso and waist neatly has little aerodynamic resistance and less burden at high speeds.


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The collar is a racing type stand-up collar and contains a sponge that softens the bite on the neck. Equipped with zip pockets on both sides of the chest and sides, and the slider uses a classical ball chain type.

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kadoya official online

It naturally matches the Z1 position of the up handle. The good compatibility with out-of-print cars is something unique to leather jackets.

kadoya official online

The slightly exaggerated design of the pad fits perfectly on the arm line in the riding position. The action pleats on the back side of the base of the sleeves demonstrate mobility when swinging the arms.

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