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A world that reflects the world of motorcycles and leather jackets that run through the passage of time.

When wearing a leather jacket and riding various motorcycles

how does that running look

how does that leather jacket fit

You can tell by the fitting of the riding position

The essence of KADOYA riders jacket.

“Man Machine Leather” which is fascinated by BG photographer.

Planning cooperation: Mr.Bike BG

Vol.2 "Tourer Model XZ, Brawler Top and Bottom PL to get through the summer"


Japanese style Shaft Drive 『Like the history of motorcycles, shaft drives were born in Europe and adopted by Japanese manufacturers. From "inevitable" to "necessary". Test drive a V-engine car from the 70s and 80s to see how it is expressed in Japanese cars! 』(BG Noah. 2021)

The "BRAWLER JAC-PL & PANTS-PL" equipped with a protector that can be expected for high-speed cruising with peace of mind was coordinated with the XZ400D, which appeared as a European-style medium-sized luxury tourer. The making of "punching leather" specialized for summer pours a refreshing feeling into the intense heat touring.

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The running wind does not hit the body directly due to the aerodynamically calculated full cowl. You can expect stable driving with downforce, reduce fatigue in high-speed touring, prevent the cold in winter, and enjoy the benefits of a tourer model, such as a little rain. However, in the summer, it can become an enemy...

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Raise your upper body from the cowl, open your arms and legs, lift your buttocks from the seat, and feel the coolness that blows through even if you move to the extent that it does not interfere with driving.

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A sense of unity of "Man Machine Leather" that perfectly fits in the forward leaning posture and fits neatly on the vehicle. The standard protectors on the shoulders, elbows, spine, hips and knees fit naturally in key points, creating a stress-free riding position.

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The cowl effect prevents the front of the body from being exposed to the wind, but the back side is also punched to receive the "negative pressure" generated at the back and promote ventilation inside the wear. The true value of perforated leather that provides a cooling effect without fluttering.

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In order to reduce damage in the event of a fall, the shoulders, elbows, and knees are protected with normal leather for improved safety.

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The perforated leather of the main body is 1.3 to 1.5 mm thick cowhide leather with 2 mm ventilation holes at a 5 mm pitch.

"Sleeves that can be swung out without being stretched" with a unique pattern and upper elbow jarring for enhanced mobility.

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< Appeared in Shohei Higashimoto's cover illustration >

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Mr.Bike BG 2021 May

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"Bite the shaft drive!"

From Japanese style Shaft Drive feature


[Cooperation: titles omitted, in no particular order]

Photo: Koichiro Suzuki

Rider: Noah Selene

Vehicle: Tetsuya Sonobe


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METALUXE zipper with metallic texture

YKK "METALUXE" The zipper uses a resin material to reproduce a metallic texture.


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Detachable standard protector

Urethane protectors are standard equipment on the shoulders, elbows and spine. All of them are detachable, so you can replace them with heavier ones from CE LEVEL (sold separately).

Adopts a mesh lining with excellent "sweat absorption/quick drying/commutability" that comfortably supports the inflowing air.

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