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Fabric outerwear that can be worn casually

Harsh conditions such as temperature differences and sudden rain

In such a case, if there is an outer that can respond to environmental changes such as temperature and weather..

And if you can easily wear it on your bike or on the town...

This time, we would like to introduce the fabric lineup made with such a wish.

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Taking into consideration the harsh environmental changes unique to motorcycles

If you wear general apparel outerwear and ride a motorcycle, your arms, shoulders, and back will be stretched, flapping in the wind, and the wind will come in from various places, including the surface of the fabric, and it will be flooded. Moving is actually harsh because it is a living body against the external environment.

So that you can spend comfortably even in such harsh conditions. And if possible, so that you can use it normally.

(It would be a waste to spend 30,000 to 40,000 yen on a motorcycle alone... I can't get my wife's approval...)

Based on these thoughts, Kadoya is putting effort into the production of the lineup.

kadoya official online

A lineup that matches the temperature and conditions

Considering riding a motorcycle, the sensible temperature in winter is harsher than in everyday life.

On the other hand, just keeping it warm will make it too hot for early autumn and walking around town, making it difficult to use in everyday life.

Do you give priority to heat retention and response to environmental changes, such as windproof and waterproof properties, on the premise of layering?

Or do you give priority to staying safe and comfortable in the middle of winter?

Each product is packed with product design elements other than design.

This time, I would like to compare each product from the perspective of "wearing environment and temperature".


kadoya official online

<Almighty for Spring/Autumn/Winter>

This season's new coat type jacket.

It has a simple appearance with a stand-up collar, but the moisture-permeable and waterproof fabric and the waterproof treatment applied to the seams ensure water resistance that can withstand rain.

Although the amount of filling is small, it is equipped with a storm guard that prevents cold air from entering from the cuffs and hem to ensure heat retention.

In addition, the stitching on the shoulders and elbows is not only a design, but also has a protector attachment function, so you can easily attach protectors to the shoulder and elbow pockets.


kadoya official online

A parka-type jacket made in the same direction as the URBAN LINER.

A parka-type jacket made in the same direction as the URBAN LINER.

Moisture permeable / waterproof fabric + Water resistance such as waterproof treatment applied to the back side and accompanying wind resistance are firmly secured.
However, it has a safety function that can be equipped with a protector.

The amount of padding is just right so that it won't get too hot even when walking around town, and the casual look makes it ideal for everyday use.

(*URBAN LINER and URBAN LOADER are outerwear that anticipates the season from slightly chilly to winter.)


kadoya official online

A riding jacket that modernizes the classic biker coat.

Although it is not a breathable or waterproof fabric, the back coating, double front structure, and waterproof zipper on the pocket ensure wind resistance and water resistance that can withstand a little rain.

In addition, this one comes standard with a detachable cotton liner jacket with a zipper.

In addition, it is made with versatility in 3 seasons other than midsummer, such as the pockets placed on the front and the zipper opening and closing of the ventilation under the side to take in the wind.


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<Overcoming the severe winter cold>

When I go out for a run in the middle of winter (January-February), the sensible temperature is always minus ○ degrees.

If you're looking for style, you don't want to wear too many layers, but it's cold and you can't help it.

This season's new extreme cold fabric outerwear will fulfill your wish of "I don't want to run while freezing in the cold!".

Plenty of sleeping bag filling is inserted into the outer shell made of breathable and waterproof material to withstand the midwinter.

(*This item does not have waterproof seams, so only the fabric is waterproof.)

The lining is also quilted with batting and a heat-reflecting film that reflects the heat emitted from the body and blocks the coldness of the outside air.
With the storm guard on the hem, it retains heat like a sleeping bag.

There are also pockets for protectors on the shoulders, elbows and spine.

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