When you think about it from the perspective of riding boots, they tend to be rugged and decorative, so this model was created with the idea of ​​making boots as a fashion item, but with specs that would also work for riding.

By eliminating switching parts as much as possible, it creates a beautiful silhouette.

The model name ``Elephantas'', which means elephant in Greek, comes from the image of the streamlined shape of an elephant's trunk.

Minimal and stylish boots that eliminate all waste.


Because of its sharp shape, it goes well with loose pants as well as slim denim.

If you have a slim silhouette, try making the roll-up larger and making it ankle-length.

The shape of the boots is emphasized, creating a stylish look for your feet.

Shadows due to wrinkles in the ankle area of ​​boots

POINT-01 Shadows due to aging

The characteristic of elefantas is the shading that is carved into them as they are worn continuously.
It becomes more deeply engraved as the years pass.
Of all the boots, these are probably the ones that allow you to enjoy the shadows the most.

Uses KADOYA engraved zipper pulls

POINT-02 Sturdy YKK original zipper

Equipped with a zipper on the back for a sharp silhouette.
The zipper is also a load-bearing part, so use a more robust type.

Pig leather is used for the insole of the boots.

POINT-03 Brand engraving is on the insole

Adopts a highly cushioned insole. You won't feel tired even when you stand for long periods of time.
The insole is made of pigskin and features the new brand ALTER KEIS logo.

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