KADOYA leather jacket Yohoyama story standard model edition

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In the distant Showa era, there is a classic biker's wallet created by a certain leather craftsman.

It is the first biker's gear made using saddle leather in Japan, and it continues to be loved by many bikers even after nearly 40 years.

photograph(main cut): Satoru Ise
text : James Sekijima
model : Masaya Narita at COBOO

The stupid evolution behind the safety tile.

Even the person who made it is not sure, so the total number is 6000 even if it is a low estimate. Of course, during that time, various specifications were changed by the maker, who was a biker before being a leather craftsman.

kadoya official online

Metal parts such as hooks and zippers have been abolished, the position of the driver's license pocket has been changed, the attached wallet chain has become a woven leather cord, and the size of the wallet itself, which used to be only 16cm, has been changed to 18cm.

Although the basic concept of a biker being able to carry the minimum necessary items has not changed, we bikers respectfully call this transition of eliminating unnecessary items and specializing in functional beauty.

And I think that this chopperization is the most correct, no, the most beautiful form of evolution in tools, but what do you think?

Another example. A super classic backdrop for professional wrestling.

kadoya official online

(At that time: Mr. Jumbo Tsuruta, who was a user of Kadoya and was kind to children)

The vertical drop system started by Masa Saito and Riki Choshu took the world by storm, enlisting the help of masters such as Tatsutoshi Goto, Akitoshi Saito, Toshiaki Kawada, and Steve Williams, and finally Gary of Light, a Greco-Roman performer. Even with the appearance of the destructive power MAX, there are many voices that the back drop of Jumbo Tsuruta, which inherited the method of throwing with the navel of the progenitor Luthes, is the most beautiful and powerful.

Of course, this was due to Tsuruta's physique, physical ability, and fighting sense, but even so, Tsuruta started by imitating Luthes, and eventually cut off unnecessary parts and specialized it as his own style, so it was a masterpiece. I can say that.

In other words, Tsuruta's backdrop is the ultimate chopper in the backdrop world. At least I believe so. And in the same way, the same applies to the latest riders, which are called classics.

kadoya official online

At first glance, it looks almost the same as it did a few years ago. I thought that it was fine because it was a standard product, but when I read the explanation attached to the catalog, there was a further pursuit of functional beauty , such as "changing the action pleats," "improving the pattern," and "reviewing the pocket angle." There are sentences to the effect that it did.

I think that this "simple evolution" in Kadoya's style is the chopper itself. The original biker's wallet, Tsuruta's backdrop, and the result of repeated pursuits from the front without accepting changes in the superficial.

I saw Kadoya-style chopper spirit in such a state that was born because it continues to be an "evolving standard" that is not at ease in the position of a safe tile.

kadoya official online

Removable liner

The inner uses a zip removable vest type liner. Uses Dupont's Comfortax batting for excellent heat retention.

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functional arrangement

The easy-to-use vertical dot button closure inner pocket is laid out on the inside of the chest so that it does not interfere with the liner removal.

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Using heavy materials.

Kadoya original slider specially ordered from YKK.

kadoya official online

Design that works

Line-designed action pleats fit smartly and have high mobility.

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