Kadoya Leather Jacket Yohoyama Story - Part 1 - Irregular Serialization

A leather jacket with a hood is no longer an evil way.

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A hood on a leather jacket. It may be a perversion for a leather jacket in the narrow sense of the motorcycle rider. It gets in the way when riding a motorcycle. It interferes with the helmet and gets in the way, and the wind gets in the way, and the weight of the hood makes the collar stick to the throat and get in the way.

That's why a long time ago, leather motorcycle jackets didn't have hoods. If it had a hood, it was a fake leather jacket for the city (from the perspective of riding a motorcycle).

photograph(main cut): Shoichi Kinugawa
model : HAIR WRAP Fire Ni-san
Editorial cooperation (VIBES)

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When did the wind change its direction? In retrospect, there has been a combination of motorcycles and military wear since the old days, in addition to the trend of motorcycles and leather jackets.

And military wear had hooded models such as N-3B and M51 Parker, which were quite popular with motorcycle riders.

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Of course, it wasn't made of leather, but Kadoya, a group of motorcycle riders who have been making leather jackets for motorcycles since long ago (when leather jackets didn't have hoods) ,

Therefore, even if I came up with the idea of ​​reproducing military wear with a hood in leather, thinking about it now, I think it was a natural progression.

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VERMILLION, a leather mod hoodie that has been in the photo since a while ago, was released in 2019AW in such a flow and became a standard model of Kadoya.

Based on such a background, and with the help of the historical background where people don't like the bulkiness, we, who make a living by making leather jackets for motorcycles, wanted to actively incorporate the casual hood into leather jackets for motorcycles. was born.

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Kadoya designer Kotani, who led the “challenge”, says: “Rather than focusing on the first one, I envisioned leather jackets from the second onwards, and prioritized the point of increasing utility (usability) for a wide range of people.”

In an era where various phenomena are borderless, we Kadoya have created such hooded riders that make the boundary between the city and the bike as borderless as possible. Of course, even if it looks soft at first glance, there is no change in making it from a motorcycle rider's point of view.

And if that's the case, a hooded leather jacket is no longer an evil path for motorcycle riders.

POINT-1: The hood is detachable.

However, since it is made shallow, it does not interfere with riding even if it is left on.

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POINT-2: Consideration for all seasons

The quilted lining is removable throughout the year.

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POINT-3: The seriousness of the head factory pattern

Because the pattern is excellent, there is no feeling of tension on the arm.

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POINT-4: Icon as a motorcycle rider

Elbow padding insists on riding a motorcycle.

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