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KADOYA leather jacket Shihoyama story vol.12 cold weather gloves

"I want to talk about winter narcissism with gloves like this."

They are the two giants of winter narcissism that must be done if you ride a motorcycle, but leather gloves would suit this series of gestures.

photograph (main cut): Satoru Ise

text : James Sekijima

model : Kazumi

model : Antonio

I want to talk about winter narcissism with gloves like this.

I warm my hands with canned coffee while shivering in the cold. I waited at the traffic light and put my hand on the engine to warm it up.

They are the two giants of winter narcissism that must be done if you ride a motorcycle, but leather gloves would suit this series of gestures. I apologize for raising the issue from the beginning, but I have believed that for many years.

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What if this was a ski glove? Or if it's electric. Or a steering wheel cover. If you look only at functionality, these are very good. In the Showa era when we started riding motorcycles, ski gloves were the only protection against the cold, and electric heating is a recent trend.

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Despite this, the image of talking about narcissism just doesn't come to mind. For a narcissist's partner, I think that the coolness of leather is still necessary, even if it sacrifices the cold protection performance to some extent. A little thin endurance should be balanced by bringing out the two giants. The satisfaction meter of a motorcycle rider, which was originally full of narcissism, should surely be filled with this.

For that reason alone, it is still desirable that the glove is leather.

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The other day, such a trial came to me after a long time. I will omit the details, but it was decided to run from Kurashiki in Okayama to Tokyo via Takamatsu in Kagawa, Shikoku. Less than 800km distance. The weather forecast is all rain. The gloves I usually use are short cowhide leather gloves with no lining. What should I do?

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I happened to pick up a disposable vinyl glove for use in the kitchen that happened to be on hand. I decided to put this on and put leather on top of it. As a result, this was the correct answer.

It's still this season, so long as your hands don't get wet, it's not cold, and even if it's soaking wet, you won't lose the operability of the leather. In addition, there is no hassle of getting wet leather sticking to your hands when you put on and take off the vinyl gloves.

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If there is only one drawback while verifying that, it looks the same as usual, but it lacks narcissism emotionally. I was thinking that there is something like that, but then I suddenly came up with an idea.

In the end, the glove that has all these elements and also compensates for the shortcomings is the gauntlet of recent years that is full of functions like the ones introduced here. If you replace vinyl gloves with moisture-permeable and waterproof film, that's exactly what it is. In addition, the hem is longer and warmer, and the hem is longer and easier to put on and take off.

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Trials make people grow. This winter, the groundwork for immersing yourself in narcissism was inadvertently set. However, because of its warmth, narcissism may be less used.

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Gauntlets featuring long cuffs

Long length of 11 cm from the wrist, hem shape with a width of 19 cm (L size guideline). It fits perfectly regardless of the wrist shape or thickness of the JKT sleeve, and prevents wind from entering through the cuff.

It can be adjusted with a Velcro and button closure belt on the wrist, and is compatible with thick diver watches.


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cutting and warmth

Even with the insulation and lining made of cold-resistant material, the rounded palm cut and finger gusset shape make it easy to grip.

The palm and back of the hand are made of acrylic boa that is warm and comfortable to the touch, and the cuffs are lined with fleece material. Equipped with moisture-permeable and waterproof film inside.

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