The simple outer is leather. / REP edition kadoya official online

A project linked to this magazine where the editorial department of the motorcycle magazine "Moto NAVI" uses items from the long-established leather maker "Kadoya" to send out the latest trends.

This time, the "leather jacket" can be said to be the root of KADOYA's riders fashion.

Hard styling like a man is good, but a leather jacket can be worn as an outerwear for everyday use without being stiff. We will show you how to mix and match clothes easily!

Model JEFF (number eight)
Photo Satoshi Osaka Text Moto NAVI

kadoya official online

It's the heyday of street fashion, so I want to wear simple leather wear like a rider and assert my individuality.

Although it has a slim silhouette, if the jacket is shirred or stretchy pants, it is easy to move and you can enjoy touring comfortably.

kadoya official online

Of course, it creates a higher-grade impression while being casual when walking around town. Even if you take off the jacket, if you match it with a knit, you will not lose the atmosphere of an adult.

It is a playful riding coordination that combines motocross items with movement.

kadoya official online

The semi-double type "REP" is a jacket that has a sharp design, but has high performance by providing shirring around the movable parts. Since it is a great deal, I would like to choose the perfect size that makes use of the silhouette.

In the last few years, many items that are thin yet have high heat retention have appeared on the market, so the point is to make the inside as simple as possible.

kadoya official online

For pants, choose denim that goes well with leather. However, by combining the "CORSA DENIM VMX MOTO" inspired by old motocross instead of the usual 5 pockets, it emphasizes the sportiness rather than the ruggedness.

Rough styling that is easy to match with boots and sneakers. If you're looking for a more casual look, it's also interesting to combine thick pants such as military pants to create an A-line look.

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