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(SB9 edition) The outer is simply leather.

A project linked to this magazine where the editorial department of the motorcycle magazine "Moto NAVI" uses items from the long-established leather maker "Kadoya" to send out the latest trends.

This time, the "leather jacket" can be said to be the root of KADOYA's riders fashion. Hard styling like a man is good, but a leather jacket can be worn as an outerwear for everyday use without being stiff. We will show you how to mix and match clothes easily!

Model JEFF (number eight)
Photo Satoshi Osaka Text Moto NAVI

kadoya official online

Coordination that combines different materials with similar colors is one of the styles that makes you want to challenge yourself, as it is simple yet easy to create differences. If I want to add an appealing point, I would like to express it by skillfully combining the attention to materials and processing.

kadoya official online

The quilted leather jacket has an offset zip and ribs that add a casual touch, so you can mix and match without straining your shoulders and elbows. For the pants, I chose black denim, which has been popular for the past few years. Shiny boots also have the effect of tightening the whole body from the feet.

kadoya official online

The SB9, which uses COMFORMAX high-performance padding that is highly resistant to cold and heat, has a loose silhouette that makes it easy to mix and match during the coming season when the temperature drops.

The slightly offset front zipper enhances cold protection and changes the simple look.

kadoya official online

The pants that go with this are the old motocross style "CORSA DENIM VMX MOTO". The three-dimensional shirring adds a change to the styling.

If you want to create a more mature look, you can create a mature casual look with a big top silhouette by selecting slim pants.

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