KADOYA×Moto NAVI collaboration project

2021 autumn/winter coordination proposed by the motorcycle magazine “Moto NAVI”.

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Photo: Ken Takayanagi Model: Teru Takagamo (number eight)


"KADOYA" is trying to bring a new style to riding wear by combining long-established technology and young sensibility. This time, we released an item that challenged to redefine the way riders jackets should be. Introducing a new way to wear such a rider jacket.

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The main item selected this time is " PULLOVER RIDERS", which features a front zipper. The first place that newly reconstructed the idea of ​​​​a double rider's jacket.

In the conventional way of thinking, riders jackets are supposed to be worn on top, but this "PULLOVER RIDERS" is a pullover as the name suggests. Excellent item that can be worn as an inner layer.

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The design is based on the theme of simplicity and does not incorporate any stitching such as patch pockets. There is a simple desire to realize a rider's jacket that can be used on any model of the designer, and thanks to the simple front design that realizes that idea, you can choose to match it with any motorcycle, from vintage motorcycles to the latest models.

This rider's jacket is a versatile design that fits all motorcycle tastes, whether you're riding a supersport, an adventure, or a cafe racer.

Just because it fits every vehicle doesn't mean it doesn't have any features. The most distinctive feature is the large round zipper, and the round front zipper that draws a large arc is eye-catching. YKK's EXCELLA is used here to express the contrast with the leather. Exude a good personality.

The lining is made of a material that has a smooth feel and a rich sense of stretch, making it comfortable to wear without feeling cramped. It has a good fit to the body, and combined with the soft goat leather, it is sure to be useful not only as an outerwear but also as an innerwear during the cold season.

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Because of its simple design, you want to choose items that make a statement with your items. Adding some action to your outfit is another option, with pants that smell like vintage motocross.

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This time's coordination item

A selection of items that make the newly defined riders jacket more stylish. How about using it as a reference for coordination?

denim pants

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The motocross-style pants made in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, which is known as the city of denim, are tailored to give you a feel of the good old days, such as the cut-back knees and back patches. Knee pad removal is accessible from the outside. The inside is made of mesh, and it also functions as a ventilation.

riding boots

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A pair of white soles with an image of casual Kadoya that tightens your feet. Narrow pants give a sharp impression with boots in, and thicker pants can be worn with boots out for a more casual look.

Items that appeared


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