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Article: Run tough with a casual look. Adult gear selection that balances style and function.

Run tough with a casual look. Adult gear selection that balances style and function.

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Safety and comfort are both achieved through careful selection of materials and attention to detail. I'm in the mood for stylish coordination that is a little less powerful than solid gear.

It is a style that I would like you to try by all means for greedy adult Harley riders who do not compromise on appearance and performance.

A goal of a greedy adult who does not compromise on appearance or performance

Just as Harley's customs have diversified, rider fashion has changed dramatically in the last ten years.

In Japan, more and more people are riding Harleys in rough fashion, probably due to the influence of Harley riders on the West Coast who ride Harleys in a skater-like style.

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However, there are many styles that sacrifice performance as a gear. If you are an adult Harley rider, you want to choose items that you can enjoy riding with peace of mind. What I would like to pay attention to is the new K's leather VERMILLION.

It looks like a casual style that is conscious of town use, but it is packed with points that we are conscious of because we have been making bike riding gear for many years.


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Wearing L size at 173 cm 65 kg tall. The inner is a sweatshirt.

As with all leather jackets, wearing a slightly tighter look is the best way to choose a size that looks masculine.


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The tack roll that can be seen from behind is characteristic.

This is the first place I would recommend to riders who want to differentiate themselves from others and want to show their individuality.

Stylish flap pocket with practicality

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The flap of the abdominal pocket is a specification to fasten with a snap button.

In addition, the flap fits in your pocket, so you can put it inside for a more stylish look.

A coat-type hooded rider inspired by a mods coat

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It is a highly practical and versatile piece that has a casual mode impression, but is made with functions for winter riding.

The mods coat has been dropped into a mode-colored biker's coat.

The hood can be easily put on and taken off with a zipper. If you remove it, it becomes a stand collar, so you can change the style according to the items you match with.

Lacy design like a biker coat

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Elbows have a lacy style with tack roll pads.

Built-in soft pad for increased safety without restricting movement.

In addition, a quilted inner liner is included and can be removed with a zip, allowing you to adjust the warmth according to the temperature.

In addition, a drawstring is placed inside the waist part, and the waist can be adjusted to increase heat retention.

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