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A new standard rider suit that is essential for cruising in the city.

Pay attention to the cool way of wearing sophisticated riders that can be matched with any occasion

Photographer: Haruki Matsui
Stylist: Hiroki Matsui
Model: Koki Matsui
Edit: Atsutaro Ito

kadoya official online

Because riders and leather jackets for bikers are full-fledged specifications, there are restrictions on the design, and it is difficult to mix them with everyday fashion. In other words, the image of riding a motorcycle tends to be strong, and depending on the scene, you may feel uncomfortable.

kadoya official online

However, the VOLGIN that we are introducing this time is a sophisticated leather down jacket that solves such problems. The greatest weapon is the stylishness that makes it easy to stop by for viewing.

So, even if you unify the items that go with other items in all black, it won't give an impression of being too heavy.

kadoya official online

And for the inner, I dared to choose a baseball shirt. Dress shirts and button-downs are also addictive, but how about incorporating trendy sports elements to create a sense of comfort and roughness?

If it's a baseball team you support, a place you personally like, or a uniform related to the hood (hometown), it's even better. This is because conversations may be born from there, and unexpected encounters may be waiting.

kadoya official online kadoya official online

In addition, we will introduce how to style KADOYA's high-quality items with VOLGIN in a street-like style. First of all, about the glove GAUNTLET PADDED, which features diamond quilting details. Even though it is the same black item as the outerwear, the quilting gives it a sharp look, and the wrist belt makes a statement, so even those who don't usually wear gloves can easily wear it as a styling accent.

In addition, I picked up simple short boots elefantas for my feet. On the contrary, this is an item that you want to wear smoothly without being overstated, and we want you to enjoy how it changes over time because of the leather. These short boots with a new feel that can be worn for any occasion, from touring to everyday use, go well with VOLGIN.

kadoya official online

The time spent cruising around the city on a skateboard, bicycle, etc., is a moment that can be said to be the true value of street play, and is perfect for organizing things that you usually don't notice and your feelings. And the same can be said for motorcycle touring.

However, the stronger the attachment to the motorcycle, the more likely it is that you will end up looking too enthusiastic. In such a case, KADOYA's items have a lineup of many items that combine functionality and design, so you can naturally match them.

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