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KADOYA×Moto NAVI collaboration project

2021 autumn/winter coordination proposed by the motorcycle magazine “Moto NAVI”.

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Photo: Ken Takayanagi Model: Teru Takagamo (number eight)


The main item selected this time is the hoodie type “URBAN LODER”. A riding jacket with a simple design that is waterproof and has high heat retention. Using such items, this time we propose a higher-grade adult coordination.

kadoya official online

Hooded riding jackets, which have become quite popular over the past few years, have brought many elements of street style into motorcycle fashion, which had a strong impression of masculinity until now. Therefore, many manufacturers have developed items that have an outdoor atmosphere.

URBAN LODER adopts a silhouette that matches the riding position while having a simple design. The outer material is made of moisture-permeable and waterproof material, and the filling is made of Comfortax high-performance filling used for sleeping bags, etc., and has excellent heat retention performance. Select innerwear and wear it with just the right sizing that fits your body line.

Due to its simplicity, storage is a concern, but in addition to two easy-to-access packets and waterproof zippers for storing valuables, there is also a large pocket inside. The hood-in is equipped with a dot button that suppresses flapping when driving.

All seams and mating surfaces of the fabric are seam-sealed, so it is reassuring even in sudden bad weather.

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The dark tone camouflage has not only street elements but also an adult impression, and it will match with a wide range of motorcycles, from full-size naked to light sports that have been popular in recent years.

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Combining denim or slightly fat pants and sneakers, which can be said to be a classic, is an interesting street-style look, but this time I would like to choose a slim silhouette. It goes well with a jacket with a well-balanced length, and you can enjoy a more mature look. If you select leather pants and boots, the texture is good and the impression is elegant. Pair with denim or cotton for a casual look.

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Another point is the innerwear. Here, instead of a crew neck for shirts and sweatshirts, choose a dark tone high neck knit to tighten the whole look. It's good to show the "manliness" of a motorcycle, but how about aiming for a more mature biker this season?


kadoya official online

Riding jacket with excellent cold protection with excellent moisture permeation and waterproof function. Although it has a sharp style, it is equipped with detailed riding equipment such as a black reflector in the center of the back and pockets where pads can be attached to the shoulders, elbows and spinal cord. A multi-wear item that can be worn from city riding to long touring.

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