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- 2022 - to wear in summer

Hello, this is Masayuki Aikyo, a motorcycle journalist.

Pre-order sales for Kadoya's 2022 Spring/Summer new products have finally started. From around the end of March, we plan to gradually start lining up in stores, but due to the corona wreck, we are still in a situation where we cannot say feel free to come to the store to see it.

Therefore, although it will be irregular, we have started a series of articles to convey the details and textures of the products. In this first installment, we would like to introduce three leather and perforated leather jackets that are worn in the summer.

The theme color for 2022 is blue gray

kadoya official online

We have 3 punching leather jackets for this season.

In addition to the usual black, we also offer blue gray as a variation. A slightly bluish smoky gray is a trendy color that is increasingly being used on motorcycle bodies.

The calming color makes it easy to incorporate into your coordination.


kadoya official online

The PL-RAFF is designed so that you can enjoy a stylish and comfortable leather jacket even in the summer.

kadoya official online

Also pay attention to the arm line.

The silhouette is designed to be more stylish than before, but the amount of momentum when riding is firmly secured.

kadoya official online

It is a dress with a heavy texture such as a metal zipper that is not hidden and a dot button on the collar.

kadoya official online

A zipper is placed on the left forearm.


kadoya official online

This is a model derived from the punching specification double riders PL-SW released in 2022SS.

kadoya official online

It features a padded design with sponge sandwiched from the shoulder to the elbow.

It seems to be suitable for adventure bikes, which have been increasing in the lineup recently.

kadoya official online

Punching has a small diameter for areas that are susceptible to damage in the event of a fall.

kadoya official online

The collar is a stand-up collar similar to a single, but the placket is a semi-double design.

It is also attractive that the image changes greatly when the zipper is opened and closed.


kadoya official online

This is the slimmest and sharpest design among the 3 perforated leather jackets in this season's lineup.

kadoya official online

Despite its slender design, it is the effect of shirring that extends from the back shoulder that achieves overwhelming mobility.

kadoya official online

The curved main zipper is unique.

This is also semi-double like SW-BANSEE, but the silhouette is very different because it is collarless.

kadoya official online

There is a pocket next to the main zipper.

Features common to all three

Last year, I wore Kadoya's punching leather jacket for the first time. It felt hotter than the mesh jacket, but I was surprised because it was cool with good ventilation.

In fact, Kadoya's perforated leather jacket has a maximum hole diameter of 2 mm, and is designed to take in a lot of wind. In addition, the lining is made of water-absorbing and quick-drying material, so it won't get sticky.

The protector comes standard with the spine. All protectors including the chest can be installed as an option.

Benefits of choosing punching leather instead of mesh jacket

The perforated leather jacket is thicker and heavier than the mesh jacket. Therefore, there is a feature that it is difficult to flutter while driving.

In addition, it has excellent tear strength compared to mesh jackets, so it is a reassuring existence in case of emergency. How about choosing it as a companion for long touring?

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