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The BRAWLER JACKET is an ambitious product that feeds back the know-how cultivated in the racing scene to the street, and it is a model that makes you feel the rugged Kadoya of the past and the current Kadoya.

In pursuit of ease of wearing, the new design reconsidered the balance between mobility and silhouette, and the leather with a rich texture, accented with a rustic zipper.

It is heavy yet gentle to the wearer, and provides sophisticated values ​​for the modern riding scene. Such an idea is included in the BRAWLER series.

An inevitable view of the world as riding wear

A BRAWLER JACKET designed to revive the running genealogy that KADOYA has cultivated in modern times.

Although it looks hard, it uses cowhide that contains plenty of oil for a flexible finish. In addition to the double placket, the outer padding on the shoulders and elbows is a design that strongly asserts that it is a rider's wear.

While keeping the decorations to a subdued design, it also ensures ease of movement and safety with a design that prevents fatigue when leaning forward and a low-resilience material built into the back hem.

kadoya official online

Riding jacket with a massive impression

A metallic zip used to reduce weight and interference with the bike in a calm color scheme that suppresses flashy decorations.

The design anticipates riding in a forward-leaning posture and enhances the feeling of riding with a sense of security.

detail: 1 Equipped with urethane foam pads as standard

kadoya official online The pad pockets with external pads on the shoulders and elbows can be opened and closed with zippers, and can be replaced with CE protectors if desired.

detail:2 Pattern design with riding in mind

kadoya official online The design makes it easy to take a forward leaning posture, so you won't get tired even when riding for a long time, and you can flexibly handle intense riding.

detail:3 Impressive back design

kadoya official online A low-resilience material is built into the waist part of the back, which absorbs impact and keeps the style of the jacket from collapsing.

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