I met the difficulty and joy of making things that change with life.

Originally, I was a craftsman who handled brocade and silk.
Clothes that stand like a uniform, not clothes that you wear as a hobby. Therefore, there were few people who were enthusiastic about tailoring.
I want you to carry the feeling of liking it, wanting to wear it, and wanting to use it.
It is not something that you decorate and look at, but something that you live with and that changes over time.

It's not something you get rid of when it gets damaged, but something that you can use for a long time with repeated maintenance and repairs.
A year ago, when I wanted to make something like that, I met KADOYA, who makes things just as they are. I was also attracted to the fact that one person could be involved in a wide range of tasks, from cutting to finishing, rather than line work.

I think that depth and taste are born from such a place. I didn't know anything about leather, dressmaking, or sewing machines, so I struggled all year long.

It's only natural that this struggle will continue, but one day it will be an experience and a source of inspiration, so that's it.

Both staff and craftsmen like leather products, have actually ridden motorcycles, and have a perspective as users.

From the visit of the customer to the manufacturing, sales, use, and beyond, it seems to spread flat under the same feeling. And each one is focused on their own work. It should be obvious, but I don't think so.

It was fresh. It has a unique atmosphere, but once you get used to it, it's comfortable.