A customer's "thank you" is rewarding for me and a source of smiles

My license is moped only, and I have never worn a leather jacket, so I went to KADOYA. KADOYA's recruitment site I found in the middle of job hunting. It seemed to me that I was at a dead end.

My first impression of KADOYA is "cool". Even a woman like me was attractive. I was worried about starting from scratch with no experience or skills, but when I entered the company, there was a female staff member who wasn't there at the time of the interview.
I honestly thought, "I'm not alone, I was saved." (laughs) First, I experienced work as a part-time job, and officially became a member of KADOYA as a new employee in April.

It's been about five months since I joined the company, and there are still many things I don't know, but every day I learn from the reliable Osaka store staff. The most rewarding thing is when a customer makes a purchase or says "thank you" or "I will come again".

It's the moment when I can smile the most because I'm trying to smile.

It's not an easy job because there's a lot to learn, but I think it's a very rewarding job.

As a member of KADOYA, I'll just do my best to become more powerful! Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how I, who doesn't ride a motorcycle or wear a leather jacket, will be influenced by those around me in the future (laughs).