I work while imagining how the user can enjoy dressing up.

Please tell us about your current job.

Route sales and bespoke product proposals.

Please tell us the appeal of Kadoya.

We are able to make the best use of the technology we have cultivated since 1935 to create products that match the current trends, and to be able to do what we want to do responsibly. .

What do you find rewarding, exciting, and interesting about your work?

It is very rewarding to be able to imagine, produce, propose, and sell what kind of products that users can wear in a cool way.

As a sales person, I find it rewarding when the other party praises the content of my proposal, and when I begin to be entrusted with everything.

In addition, I find it even more rewarding when new products that I have been involved in and products that I have proposed to clients appear in numbers as reorders and fulfillment.

Please tell us what you value most in your work.

Since we are in the sales department, the people who come into contact with us mainly at work are not end-users, but the people in charge of sales outlets and the headquarters of our business partners.

At that time, if it is a store, I think about products and displays that suit the store and propose them, and try to create a sales floor with a good atmosphere as much as possible.

Above all, basically, no matter how trivial, it is to face each other with sincerity and explain carefully.