Mr. NT (Saitama Prefecture)

This time, we are requesting cleaning and recoloring.
The whole thing was burnt and dull due to fading. The request was to ``recolor this to a color as close to the original as possible.''

Even with requested items where the original color is difficult to discern, there are many cases where the original color remains on the leather in areas that are not exposed to sunlight, such as the back of the hem or inside pockets. This time as well, we used the color of the leather inside the pocket as a reference to match the color and treat the whole thing.

As a result, I think I was able to create a calm, slightly deeper blue that is almost exactly like the original. However, although dyes were originally used (they have fine particles and penetrate into the interior), recoloring uses pigments (they have large particles that stay on the surface). Due to differences in the way dyes and pigments produce color, there may be slight differences compared to the original.

Please note that prior cleaning is a prerequisite for recoloring. Even if the requested item appears to be clean at first glance, if the item has been worn to some extent, there may be dirt or other particles that have been attached or penetrated into the item. This is because removing this beforehand increases the fixation fastness of the sprayed pigment. Particularly when oil penetration is strong, there are cases where pigments are repelled by the oil that comes out after work, so cleaning beforehand is essential.

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