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ROX GLOVE - PL / Black (Women's)

SKU: 3359-0-200-009
Sale price$124.00

(Size chart by product number) 3359-200-002
size WM WL
hand fence ~18 ~20
hand length ~17 ~18

*The unit is cm (centimeter)
* The indicated size is the finished size, and there may be some errors depending on the product.

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ROX GLOVE - PL / Black (Women's)
ROX GLOVE - PL / Black (Women's) Sale price$124.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 Reviews
Anonymous (Honcho, JP)
The leather is supple

The leather is supple and comfortable to wear.
However, there is an inner cross inside, and if you have a little moist in your hand, the cross will cling to it and it will be very difficult to wear it.
We recommend a slightly larger size.

Anonymous (TOKYO, JP)
The comfort is very good.

Rather, for men, they are small, and I always worry about M or L, but this glove was correct in L. Perhaps because the leather is soft, there is a fit from the beginning, and the comfort is very good. I don't know what the fit will be when I use it, but I think this comfort is special as soon as I buy it.

Anonymous (UMEDA, JP)
very good.

The leather is soft, it has a fit, and it is comfortable to wear. Since the size is different depending on the model, it is better to try it on at the actual store.
The clerk was also very kind and polite.

Anonymous (TOYOSATO, JP)
Soft than it looks

The leather is softer and supple than it looks. If you put your hand, the cool material is inside the leather, so it will never stick even in summer. There is a sense of unity because the high -quality leather has the same punch as the jacket.

Anonymous (TSUDANUMA, JP)
Satisfied gloves👍

I was thinking of using it on a hot day, but this year's GW has been on the summer day, so I used it for the first time yesterday. I thought I needed a break in, but it was a very soft skin and I quickly got used to it. There was also a punching effect, and it was comfortable. I fell in love with the honest design at first sight and purchased a reservation, but I am very satisfied. This summer's favorite glove is sure!