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(Size chart by product number) 8725-200-001
size ML LL
Pelvic circumference 75-95 95-115

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 Reviews
Anonymous (ŌTemae, JP)
It is not painful even in a forward leaning posture.

I always have a waist supporter to have back pain. You can do this around the pelvis, and you can finally move with another corset type on the abdomen.
Your opinion is reflected in Mizuno's original, and the mesh waist pocket for the rider is supported by the rider's unique leaning posture.
One star was dropped, including Mizuno Original, but all the explanated photos are wrapped around the abdomen, but in the explanation, it is wrapped around the pelvis. Considering the original purpose, I think that the pelvis is the correct answer. It's so impressive that the effect is not obtained. Your company, Mizuno, both need improvements.

Anonymous (Sapporo, JP)
One day trip 250km impression

Originally I had a back pain, and when I had pain, I used a corset made by shaping.
He was 75 years old, and after holding his weeding for a long time last year, he was looking for a belt when he leaned forward and became painful on his hobby motorcycle riding.
The impression of using a day trip touring about three times during the motorcycle riding this time was stable around the waist when installed, and the pain was reduced by about 70 % after driving.
Since it is stable in everyday life, it is installed.

Anonymous (Ōita, JP)
The best for back pain

Until now, I used the V of Company K, but in the summer, my stomach is hot and hot, so I can do it.
There was no. Also, when I get on the motorcycle, I get into my stomach when I leaning forward.
Your support belt was released where I thought it would be something I thought.
I jumped.
The feeling of use is a mesh area, and the waist support part is not a plastic plate but a stick -shaped support material, so it is hard to get stuffy. The stomach is slender, so it has little bite and does not bother to wear it even in the forward leaning posture.
Unfortunately, the magic tape of the auxiliary belt is thin and difficult to remove. I wonder if there is a relationship between costs and patents, but it is a part I would like to improve in the future.
It was the best product for the elderly with low back pain. I'm glad I bought it.