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Leather jacket with white stains on the surface due to wearing deteriorated rainwear (It is assumed that this is due to the vinyl chloride in the rainwear reacting with the components of the chrome tanned leather and dissolving - the plasticity of vinyl chloride) ).

Since this cannot be removed by cleaning, we decided to recolor it.

Recolor process

Dirt that cannot be removed by cleaning or discoloration caused by UV rays may be concealed or restored by recoloring by spraying pigments. In addition, as a last resort, it is also possible to ``change the color to black'' (please consult us as there may be cases where we cannot recommend the leather for cost-effectiveness).

Note: Although the term ``dyeing'' is often used, leather that has become a product cannot be ``dyed.'' During the tanning process before leather is made into a product, it is dyed using chemical reactions with various chemicals to fix the dye. Even if dye is added to the finished leather, it will not stick, so ``recolor'' is performed by spraying the pigment onto the surface. Please note that depending on the type and condition of the leather, the pigment may not stick to it.


Pre-processing (masking)

Mask the areas where you want to avoid pigment, such as metal objects such as dot buttons and linings. Protruding pigment can be removed with post-processing, but careful pre-processing will give a cleaner finish.


Pretreatment (degreasing → drying → applying preparation agent → drying)

Degreasing is performed to remove fat from the leather surface that may repel pigments. After that, a pretreatment agent is applied to enhance the fixation of the pigment. After each treatment, carefully dry using a hair dryer.


pigment spraying

Spraying too much at once is strictly prohibited as it will lead to unevenness. Spray as thinly and evenly as possible in several parts. The state of the spraying looks different under fluorescent lighting and natural light, so the work is done while checking the conditions under different light sources many times. Due to the need for confirmation, we avoid working in cloudy weather.

If the product is colored, the color will be adjusted by spraying. Mix a few drops of white, black, red, blue, and yellow pigments to create the desired color. In the case of recoloring with subtle shades, it may take a considerable amount of time just to tone the color.


Spraying finishing agent

Spray a finish that fixes the pigment. The glossiness of the surface can be adjusted depending on the finishing agent used.

Use a processing agent to wipe off pigment from areas that could not be masked or areas that protruded from the masking. Carefully use cotton swabs to avoid touching the leather.


After spraying is completed, the paint is dried for over a day and passed a tape test (confirming that the pigment does not peel off with adhesive tape).

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