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[New graduates] Recruitment requirements

Directly managed store

Head office work

If the job you want is not available

Step (1-1)

Download the required application documents for the entry form

File name:

Step (1-2)

complete your entry

Once you have prepared your documents, please upload your resume and entry sheet to the form below.

Flow of recruitment

STEP1: Entry

Please download the required documents from the entry screen, convert them to PDF after entering them, and upload them to the entry screen.

STEP2: Document screening

After screening the documents, our recruitment staff will contact you via email.

STEP3: First interview (in charge)

An initial interview will be held with the hiring manager.

STEP 4: Second interview (executive)

After passing the first interview, you will have a second interview with an executive.

STEP5: Pass/fail information

After the second interview, we will notify you of your acceptance or rejection by email.