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head factory


Founded in 1935, in Asakusa, Tokyo, we have continuously nurtured our craftsmanship in making leather jackets.

This commitment is our proud philosophy that plays a part in Japanese manufacturing. The origin of HEAD FACTORY is the "skill" and "passion" cultivated by Kadoya craftsmen.

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K's Leather and K's Products


From simple and basic high-quality standards to avant-garde items based on the highest specs and philosophy.

A rider wear brand that goes well with town use as well as commitment to safety and functionality. ....

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alta case


Challenging a new biker style, Kadoya, which was founded as a leather clothing manufacturer and has been walking with motorcycle culture, will once again fuse the world of motorcycles and fashion for the present and future times.

A product group that is conscious of fashion while maintaining functionality and mobility based on the know-how of making riding wear. Make your motorcycle outfit more casual and free. Add the coolness and texture of a motorcycle to your everyday outfit...

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A maintenance item series is now available from Ref Leather, a specialized leather cleaning company.

Refleather craftsmen have examined a wide variety of maintenance products and selected the most suitable maintenance items for leather jackets. ...

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