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About member information and login

About membership registration

To use this site, you must register as a member of KADOYA MEMBERS.

By registering as a member, you will be able to use convenient and advantageous services, including KADOYA directly managed stores.

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About ID and password

Your login ID for this site will be your registered email address.
You can set a login password at your discretion.

About registered email address

Important notices when using this site (e.g. notifications regarding the completion of updated registration information, notification of shipment of ordered products, etc.), your desired e-mail newsletter, and information emails for members will be sent to the registered e-mail address. Masu.

You can register your email address using a PC, smartphone, or mobile phone (feature phone). However, please note that the e-mail magazine will not be delivered to mobile phones (feature phones).

Please check your email reception settings so that you can receive notifications from this site.

[For smartphones and mobile phones]
Cancellation of domain specified reception (

[For PC]
Cancellation of spam mail box settings

If you do not receive emails even after making the above settings <br>If you are using your mobile carrier's email address, you may not receive emails from us even after changing your settings.

In that case, please register as a new user using a free email address such as a gmail address or yahoo address.

*If you would like to transfer your purchase history or point information, please contact us using the chat icon on the bottom left.

*If you would like to unsubscribe from our e-mail newsletter, please apply using the unsubscribe form . It will take about a week for the changes to be reflected. Please note.

KADOYA MEMBERS How to display your membership card

(1) Log in and click on My Page (2) Click on the barcode mark on the bottom right

How to check the points you have

(1) Display the membership card (2) List the points you have at the bottom

How to earn points from purchased receipts when registering as a member

(1) Read the QR code given with the receipt (2) Register on the dedicated registration screen (3) Authenticate your email address (4) Set a password (5) Purchase history on the receipt and receive points be done

*Please note that if you lose your QR code receipt, we cannot reissue it.

About membership cards and how to link them

(1) Log in and click on My Page (2) Click on the user mark at the bottom right (3) Click on link with member's card (4) Read the membership number with the camera or click on input (5) Execute the link Click

About withdrawal

If you wish to withdraw from membership, you can do so using the withdrawal application form .