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(Material) What is HF Dia?

What is HF Dia?

"Fujioka Yukichi Honten" is dedicated to tanning the natural material "deerskin", skillfully incorporating the colors and tastes of nature, and the traditions and techniques that were born and raised in Nara's beautiful four seasons. ”.

Founded in 1884, the company, which has been in business for 128 years, values ​​the know-how of tanning that has been cultivated over generations, while at the same time formulating and accumulating chemical technical data and developing eco-friendly tanning. I am doing enlightening research.

Local water "Utano water" is indispensable for "Fujioka Deer" because climate factors are important for tanning. In addition, in consideration of heat retention and durability, we stick to authentic Spanish drums using African teak wood.

The superior characteristics of deerskin, such as suppleness, toughness, and soft texture, can only be realized through careful attention to detail and reliable tanning techniques.

- Notes on leather -

Deerskin is characterized by more scratches than other types of leather. In addition, the tanning of the deerskin used in this product takes advantage of the texture and breathability of natural materials, and the leather surface is uncoated with a dye finish, so scratches are more noticeable and the conventional HF quality is improved. From the selection of, it seems that there are many people who feel uncomfortable and have doubts.

As a head office factory, we strive to remove as many noticeable scratches as possible, but our top priority is to ensure that a single piece of oval leather is in the best place (tension, stiffness) so that it can withstand long-term changes. , well-textured grain) is considered to lay out the pattern paper.

I would appreciate it if you could understand it as a high-quality texture including scratches.