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(Material) Cotton


Cotton is a material that is characterized by its gentle feel that hugs your skin. It is made with soft hair-like fibers (seed hair) to protect the seeds, so it won't sting or feel rough when it comes into contact with your skin. In addition, the rounded tips of the fibers are less likely to get caught on your skin, giving you a smooth feel.

It feels better on the skin than chemical materials, and you can enjoy its smooth texture. Also, among natural materials, cotton is particularly resistant to water, so it can be washed repeatedly.

Cotton also has the ability to absorb and wick away sweat. The cotton has a macaroni-like cross section and is hollow inside, so it can absorb plenty of moisture.

- Precautions for cotton -

Cotton has the property that the threads absorb and expand when washed, and shrink when drying. In some cases, the item may shrink or wrinkle to the extent that the size changes.

However, shrinkage can be suppressed by proper drying and drying methods. Take it out as soon as possible after washing and spin-drying it, shake it up and down and left and right to remove wrinkles before drying it, and after drying it, pat it lightly to smooth out wrinkles and shrinkage.

Please note that color fading or discoloration may occur when washing.