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A deerskin jacket with a sticky texture


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


BORDE released as a new item this season from the HEAD FACTORY brand

This product, which uses HF-dia, which is popular for its sticky texture, has a slightly longer length so that it can be worn like coveralls.

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Oiled vintage steer is partially used in places where a moderate amount of firmness is required, such as the windbreak and the collar waist area, to create a contrast of texture in addition to functionality.

kadoya official online

The luster of the aluminum fasteners complements the semi-matte texture of the HF-Dia.

kadoya official online

An inner pad is placed on the elbow to prevent the leather from stretching over time. Along with the side adjusters on the waist, it has functional details that are typical of riders.

Please take a look at the BORDE produced at the Asakusa Headquarters Factory, which adheres to the concept of "sewing one piece per person" at our company store.
* Due to popular demand, some stores may be out of stock. We recommend that you check the stock availability before visiting the store.