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[WINTER MOTO CARGO] for your feet exposed to the cold wind

冷たい風にさらされる足元に【 WINTER MOTO CARGO】

スタッフ:171 cm / 70 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


When I see riders in the winter, I find surprisingly many riders wearing solid cold-weather tops and plain jeans as bottoms.

"If it's cold, you should wear winter pants."

Even if you wear it under your pants, if it is not windproof, you will be exposed to the cold from the running wind and your body temperature will be lost.

I want to make pants that keep the wind out like a top outerwear and can be layered to keep warm. WINTER MOTO CARGO that was developed in such a way

kadoya official onlinekadoya official online

A windproof/breathable film is bonded to a cotton stretch fabric with a peach-processed micro-brushed texture and moderate stretchability.

The back side is pasted with tricot brushing and has a nice texture. It shuts out cold air and increases the comfort in winter by allowing moisture to pass through.

kadoya official online

The design and details are based on cargo pants with a slight image of moto pants.

The knees are arranged with a switch that incorporates the amount of room when sitting on the motorcycle.

kadoya official online

The back has a double layer on the buttocks, and the right back pocket is casually embroidered with the same color logo.

And the slightly tapered silhouette and the suede line on the side pay homage to the moto pants.

kadoya official online

The temperature is going down steadily from now on, and winter is coming

We hope you can enjoy a safe and comfortable bike life with these pants.

kadoya official online