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A small quantity of the winter standard N-1 is now in stock.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: LL size


A small amount of the ever-popular full leather N-1 has arrived.


Head Factory /N-1 is very popular every winter.

Production for the reservation has finished, and a small amount of stock in the store has arrived.
Currently, the Sendai store has one each of LL, 3L, and 4L in stock.

Head Factory_N-1

In addition to the lining filling, this model also has
It has a built-in removable acrylic bore liner.
This boa liner is very warm, but full of volume.
Please be careful when choosing the size as the inner diameter will feel smaller than normal riders.

I usually wear our JKT in sizes M to L, but this time I wore size LL.
For riding wear, it has a lot of room around the chest.

However, it's not too extreme, and if you're planning to mainly wear it on the street and wear thick clothes, I think this is fine.

N-1_Acrylic bore liner

This is an acrylic boa liner. It looks warm.
If you put up the collar boa and tighten the flap belt, it can be used as a neck warmer.
Just one piece is enough to protect you from the cold.

N-1_Goat leather

The leather used is [HF-GOAT], which was discovered to make the back of this N-1 with a single piece of leather.

We use rare goat leather that can be made into large sizes, and is thick for goat leather, but compared to cowhide, it quickly becomes soft and comfortable to wear.

The HF/N-1, which can be useful as everyday wear, is only produced in limited numbers each year.
This year! If you are aiming for this, please contact us as soon as possible.