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The N-1 deck jacket is also made of special leather.


スタッフ:172 cm / 65 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


N-1 deck jacket with luxurious use of goatskin leather.

HF/N-1 , our flagship [ HEAD FACTORY ] series, is a popular jacket every winter.

In addition to the standard BK color, a small number of the directly managed store limited color “BK x BK” with blacked out boa and stitching is now in stock at the store.


If you put the collar up and fasten the strap button at the base of the collar, dead air will accumulate in the upper body for excellent cold protection.


The secret that makes it easy to feel dead air even though it is leather is the detachable acrylic bore on the back.
For BK×BK, the acrylic bore is also BK color, and YKK/Universal® silver is used for the zips.


The original HF/N-1 BK color scheme is also easy to coordinate with.

The original HF/N-1 uses brown color for the boa and stitching, giving it a military rugged and masculine impression.

This original has also been popular for many years, and it has a color scheme that completely changes the atmosphere from BK x BK.


The acrylic boa on the back of this item is brown, and YKK/Universal® gold is used for the zippers.


As with our other jackets, the angle of the sleeves has been changed, so it is also characterized by a pattern that makes it easy to take the action of putting your arms forward like riding a motorcycle.

I think this will be beneficial when you get in the car or make a long phone call on your smartphone...!


Originally, goat leather is a small animal, but we use large and familiar goatskin luxuriously.
We hope you enjoy the special texture that you can't easily taste anywhere else.