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Joy that changes over time


スタッフ:172 cm / 64 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


It's the season where the cold is still going to continue.

How is everyone doing.

This time, the jacket “Ad9R” made by Kadoya HEAD FACTORY.

Introduces the characteristics and changes over time.

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Leather is cowhide. "Oiled Vintage Steer" used in Kadoya HF products or made to order

Although the fabric is thick, the leather that contains plenty of oil is easy to get used to and has a stress-free fit.

While it looks luxurious, the surface has a slightly wild impression and a sense of transparency, giving it a natural texture.

kadoya official online

The classic stand-up collar single style has a vintage feel by adding simple leather to the shoulders and elbows.

kadoya official online

The length is long and has a reverse zipper, so if you open it from the bottom when riding a motorcycle, you can eliminate the accumulation of leather on your waist.

kadoya official online

The simple and neat appearance and the overall slightly tight silhouette can be worn from street wear to touring.

This jacket also features deep three-dimensional wrinkles on the arms, which are made possible by the thickness of the leather.

Enjoy the change by picking it up and wearing it.

Not only to keep wearing, but also maintenance, oil up, fight against mold etc...

I think that things that take a little more time and effort will be more attached, and I'm sure you'll be able to spend a long time together.

*The jacket used in this shoot has been used for about 3 months.

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