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The ultimate single rider.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


Popular high-end leather JKT with a new silhouette

HEAD FACTORY_Single Riders

Our high-end line “ HEAD FACTORY
The standard single riders that have been added to the lineup since last year are "Ad9R-STD".

With an extremely simple design,
Silhouettes tailored to fit modern styles,
And the leather quality is as popular as the vintage steer introduced in the photo log.
Using an oiled vintage steer ,
It is a single rider that has been finished to the highest quality by combining various elements.


Each material is carefully selected,
After conducting many experiments with samples,
Product group for which production will begin.

The attention to detail is
As you wear it for many years, you will gradually experience it and it will turn into something you enjoy.

back momentum

HEAD FACTORY products are the same as the regular lineup,
The silhouette of the motorcycle makes it easy to maintain a riding position.
If you need more bike pads, etc.
Semi-order or repair customization is available.

Changes in KADOYA leather over time

Although the thickness of oiled vintage steer is about the same as vintage steer ,
Made of softer tanned leather,
It cuts out the wearer's wrinkles more quickly than vintage steer.

If you wear it for one season, you will be happy with the changes and will want to increase the number of times you wear it through trial and error.

luxury single riders

Leather JKT is a garment that is not yet finished when you purchase it.

We hope that our customers will be able to blend it in with their hands, perform repeated maintenance, and create the best possible pair.