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Serious winter jacket that modernized N-3B


スタッフ:168 cm / 65 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: LL size


Based on the N-3B, JKT " NOEMI ", a winter fabric with eye-catching designs that take riding into consideration and a boldly modernized design, achieves top-class cold protection performance among Kadoya products. For those who want a warm jacket anyway, this is the one I would definitely recommend.

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The characteristic neck area has a gimmick that opens the hood when both the inner and outer zippers are opened.

At first glance, the design does not have a hood, but it is also useful when you really want to wear a hood in extremely cold weather.

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The front is double-breasted and double-zippered to prevent drafts.

kadoya official online

This item is recommended not only for those who want to enjoy riding comfortably in the cold winter, but also as the next item for those who have an orthodox N-3B type jacket.