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Coordinating riders [MOTO WORK SHIRT]

ライダースのコーディネートに【 MOTO WORK SHIRT】

スタッフ:171 cm / 70 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


Things to worry about when riding a motorcycle..."What should I do with the innerwear?"

Bike wear is comfortable and functional, but I want to put on a leather jacket and have an atmosphere...

For such people, we recommend the MOTO WORK SHIRT, which is made for riders coordination.

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A solid thickness of about 12oz, which is a little thicker than general apparel products. And with a texture that is rich in stretchability

Even if you wear it under a leather outerwear and ride a motorcycle, it will follow your movements.

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It is an orthodox style with relatively few peculiarities so that you can wear it on a regular basis or on a motorcycle.

The sleeves are designed on the premise that the arm is put out in front by cutting two sleeves like motorcycle wear.

The joint fabric is applied to the elbow to ensure wildness and strength against rubbing.

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Design accents with color scheme of bolt stitching that also serves as reinforcement.

The piss name of washable leather placed casually on the hem enhances the texture.

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The back style with vertical splitting and darts is also characteristic, and along with arranging the silhouette

Even if you put it on by itself, it will give you an outerwear feel like a coverall.

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And in fact, it is also useful as a staff shirt (*This is not for sale at the moment)

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For those who want to ride a motorcycle in cool riders

A useful coordinating item that can be used for both motorcycles and everyday wear.