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Advanced wind and cold weather parka


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


The heat lamp part series, which has been supported by many people for its high cold resistance, has been renewed as HRT5 this season. In addition to the design change, the thickness of the fabric has been increased to further improve the cold protection performance, and the use of highly abrasion-resistant fabric has taken into account the Velcro of the glove and the zipper of the jacket.

This time, we will introduce the HRT5 series parka type HRT5 PARKA .

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By offsetting the front zipper, it shuts out the wind that enters from the front zipper of the jacket. Equipped with 3 pockets on the front, it is easy to use with excellent storage capacity and a zipper that prevents it from falling off.

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A highly casual hooded design that is easy to wear in a wide range of situations.

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A rubber print in the same color as the fabric makes it a simple yet casual focal point.

kadoya official online

The HRT5 series, which is made of high-performance materials with moisture permeability, stretch, UV protection, sweat absorption, quick drying, and antibacterial deodorization, as well as high cold resistance, will come in handy for cold winter riding.