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I tried wearing a new mesh hoodie!


スタッフ:180 cm / 68 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


Hello, this is Amano!

Today I tried on the new spring/summer mesh hoodie MEGALO , so I would like to introduce my personal recommendations.

・Point 1 The design is cool!

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Overall, it is a simple hoodie type, but it is accented with a tuck roll design with elbows.

The design is not too intense, so you can wear it lightly and run around town in super sports, match it with a motard or off-road bike, or even classic motorcycles.

・Point 2 protector can be installed!

Personally, I think the important point when choosing motorcycle wear is whether or not a protector can be attached .

This MEGALO can be attached not only to shoulder, elbow and spine pad bags, but also to a chest protector ( Texel chest protector )!

kadoya official online

The chest is the second most common site of injury in fatal motorcycle accidents after the head.

Of course, the shoulder type is fine, but considering the trouble of taking off the jacket, it's nice to be able to attach it to the jacket!

kadoya official online

A urethane pad is standard equipment on the back, and it is also possible to upgrade to CE LEVEL.1 BACKBONE PROTECTOR if necessary!

Please note that shoulder and elbow pads are not included.

By the way, KADOYA currently offers various grades of pads!

Shoulder protector Elbow protector

It is easy to use point 3 pocket!

The front kangaroo pocket has a zipper so you don't have to worry about dropping things while riding your bike!

In the case of general apparel products, zippers are rarely used here, so it is unique to riding wear!

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The back pocket also uses a zipper! It is a work that cannot be overlooked.

kadoya official online

It also has an inner pocket.

It's the momentum to go touring without having a bag anymore!

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・Point 4 Inconspicuous attention to details

As long as it is a hood type, it is inevitable that the hood will flap when riding a motorcycle.

Therefore, in order to prevent flapping, the outside of the hood and the back of the jacket are made to be fastened with two dot buttons!

kadoya official online

It's hard to see in the picture, but the hood is fixed in this state.

In addition, the lower part of the front zipper is devised to avoid interference between the tank and the zipper of the motorcycle!

kadoya official online

The buttons are rubber coated, so it's safe here!

The MEGALO that we introduced this time is currently accepting reservations at KADOYA directly managed stores, official ONLINE STOREs, and KADOYA product dealers nationwide!

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