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From “motorcycle wear that can be worn on the street” to “casual wear for riding a motorcycle”



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Kadoya, which was founded in 1935 and has been walking with motorcycle culture, is now merging the world of motorcycles and fashion for the present and future eras, and is conscious of fashion while maintaining functionality and mobility as riding. product group.
Make your motorcycle outfit more casual and free. Add the coolness and texture of a motorcycle to your everyday outfit. A product lineup created by avant-garde ideas while following Kadoya's history.

using sheepskin

Until now, Kadoya has avoided using sheepskin (sheep leather) for riding wear because it is inferior to cowhide and goat leather in terms of strength.
However, sheep leather, which is excellent in lightness and suppleness, is undoubtedly an excellent leather in terms of ease of everyday use.

Therefore, we have reset the concept of Kadoya and released riders jacket MID RIDERS / MID RIDERS LONG using sheepskin that has secured the thickness as much as possible.

kadoya official online

The carefully selected sheepskin that realizes the fine leather expression, flexibility, and sticky feel has overturned the image of "KADOYA = hard" so far.

leather and bike

All racing suits used in the motorcycle scene are still made of leather, even in modern times when science and technology have developed.

There is no doubt that leather and motorcycles have always been and will always be inseparable.

Since KADOYA has been making leather wear for 85 years since its founding, we aim to create "casual wear with excellent riding performance" rather than "bike wear that can be worn on the street". It has been realized to create a wear that is excellent in appearance and comfort while ensuring the making of.

kadoya official online

Please look forward to the evolution of the ALTER KEIS series, a product group that makes leather jackets more familiar and can be incorporated into everyday life.

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