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Casual with warm colored leather.


スタッフ:172 cm / 63 kg

着用サイズ:Tops: L size


Enjoy casually riding a motorcycle with warm-colored leather.

brown leather coordination

Black is especially popular as a color that you can definitely choose as your first motorcycle wear.
In many cases, black is the safe choice and you end up choosing it over and over again.

Brown color is recommended for such people.
It's a mature color that's not too bright and easy to coordinate with other outfits.

SB9 is a model that I introduced at SNAP a while ago .
This is available in a brown pattern with a color similar to camel.

In this way, denim bottoms are a staple,
You can also safely pair it with khaki bottoms, which are often found in cargo pants or chinos.

Brown JKT winter coordination

The leather is goatskin, making it light and easy to wear, and the model also has a lot of padding.
It feels like a stadium jacket or MA-1, and is easy to wear as everyday wear.

Some sizes of the brown color are out of stock, so we would appreciate it if you could consider it as soon as possible.